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First started in 1973 in Kerala, ICPF grew into an organization that has its reach across major cities in India as well as a presence internationally. In Delhi, its activities were started in a small way by Bro. John Philip, who organised some small youth groups in 1987-88. This moved into full-fledged mode in 1994, when ICPF Delhi conducted its first annual youth camp, with the wholehearted cooperation of many pastors and churches and the labour of some dedicated volunteers, under the able leadership of Pr. Ezekiel Joshua. Ever since, ICPF Delhi has conducted its annual winter camp every year. In the last 25 years, this signature event has featured some of the best youth speakers and resource persons to be found across India.          



Additionally, it began conducting various one-day youth retreats and events across the city. These events have now become a regular feature of our work. Apart from all these events, we also do small youth groups in different parts of Delhi. These youth groups began happening when ICPF HQ appointed a full-time student counsellor, Bro. Philip Eapen, in Delhi in August 1998. At its zenith, ICPF Delhi had 16 such groups happening. Now, there are 8 of them and the number is slowly expanding. The intention of these youth groups is for young college students to come together, have meaningful fellowship, talk about their common struggles and find ways to tackle these from the vantage point of the teachings of Christ. 



Angelos (North India) is the travelling music team of ICPF in North India. It shifted base from Ahmedabad to Delhi in 1998, and has worked in close collaboration with the Delhi chapter of ICPF ever since. Over the 20+ years since its inception, this team, along with ICPF staff and senior volunteers and supporters, has undertaken various mission trips through many states of India as well as Nepal and Bhutan, in collaboration with various Christian organizations. They travel with a van that is fully equipped with a sophisticated P.A. system and musical instruments. Apart from these trips, Angelos have also conducted various awareness programs and musical events in different places within Delhi. During the Christmas season, they routinely do events in colleges as well as prisons. Angelos has become hugely instrumental in spreading the love and peace of the gospel message effectively through the medium of music. They have also been leading worship in the many youth retreats and camps conducted by ICPF Delhi, as well as some other north Indian chapters of ICPF.